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Responsive Bootstrap Header

In this jsfiddle I have created an example on how to create a custom image header for medium and small devices. The key to this header is it only uses two images. The main logo and a simple 1px

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State behavioral design pattern with previous state

I am always interested in utilizing design patterns in my development tasks.  I finally had the need to check if the state of something changed from it’s previous state.  I thought this would be the perfect use of the state

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Play Framework 2 Todolist with JPA and PostgreSQL

In order to learn more about creating a Play application with JPA and PostgreSQL, I followed the todolist application instructions: The key difference from the original tutorial is I changed the backend to use JPA with PostgreSQL instead of

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Create a new play project for eclipse

Create a new parent directory for your project Go to the new directory in your console dos/terminal Enter play new appname > Enter > 1 or 2 Enter cd appname Enter play Once the play project is loaded, enter eclipse After

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The difference between a WordPress page and post

A page is representative of a traditional static html page.  An about page is a good example of a WordPress page. A post is an entry that can appear on a page.  Typically they are assigned to the Home page.

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